Independent Prescriber Optometrist

Assess common eye conditions

We can quickly and appropriately manage many eye conditions that you may previously thought needed to be dealt with by the GP or at Eye Casualty.

We can provide a prescription for eyedrops, cream or even tablets depending on the diagnosis and provide advice and review appointments when necessary. Thisservice is useful especially to anyone with red eye, eye pain, inflammation, allergy, infection , foreign body in the eye.

If you feel you have an urgent eye problem we have emergency appointments available.

NHS Funded Service

NHS scheme in NI known as PEARS (Primary Eyecare Acute Referral service) which entitles you to one appointment funded by the NHS if you have a recent onset acute eye problem before you are due your next routine eye examination.

Partner with other health services

Murray Opticians have been certified to provide this service since 2014, and we partner with the local Health Trust and GPs on this service.

Professional qualified

Our team have a special interest in the eye care of young children and have completed the professional certification with the College of Optometrists in this area.

Child Focused

"Little people" have always been a focus area for our practice with a special focus on ensuring that the examination is as easy as possible for both child and adult.

Expert Service

We pride ourselves and helping identify any visual concerns early in a child development. This means that is any corrective treatment is required, this can be started as early as possible, to minimise any risk to the child's overall development

Paediatric Eyecare

Visual Stress Assessments

Visual Stress, Dyslexia, Vision & Reading

If you have concerns about your child’s progress in school or your child’s teacher or Educational Psychologist has advised you get your child assessed for visual stress we can help.


We conduct a one hour examination and visual stress assessment with your child.

Sheets or Lenses

Symptoms of Visual Stress can be reduced using coloured filters, such as coloured overlays placed over text, or if these prove inconvenient precision tinted lenses worn in spectacles.

Dry Eye Clinic