Contact Lenses

Why wear contact lenses?

In recent years the technology used to produce and fit contact lenses has advanced dramatically, making them incredibly easy to use and comfortable to wear for everyone, irrespective of age. So if you are someone who has had a break from lenses, or who would like to explore this form of visual correction – why not contact us and arrange a trial appointment.

There are literally hundreds of different contact lenses available. Whether you would like to wear the lenses every day or just for sport or socialising, there is a lens to suit you. We will discuss your requirements and fit a lens according to what suits your lifestyle. As contact lenses touch your eyes, the right shape, material and prescription are essential to ensure you see well and look great. That is why it’s important to have a contact lens fitting appointment.


Top 10 Reasons to wear Lenses

Brands Stocked

We have access to all the major brands and are able to offer trial fittings of the latest designs as soon as they are available. 

We can deliver your contact lenses directly to you via post


Click on the videos below to learn more about how to insert and remove your lenses.