Children’s Eyewear

Childrens Frames

One of the most comprehensive, value for money children’s eyewear collections
available in today’s market. <br><br>Lazer Junior offers an extensive range of the very latest metal and plastic designs, in an array of eyecatching colours, to suit all requirements.

Put simply, Lazer Junior provides
quality products at affordable prices.

A range of comfortable, colourful, practical frames which have been expertly designed with babies and children in mind.

They are non-slip, safe, highly adjustable and comfortable. Tomato Glasses frames are flexible, display excellent elasticity and do not break easily. The frames are incredibly light: only 7 to 8g in weight.

“The right size for little eyes”​

Comfortable, flexible and safe. These frames have been designed to fit the childs faceand head in the best possible way.

The frames are made from Grilamid, a resistant and lightweight material.​

Childrens Ranges

We also stock a number of other childrens ranges including